Isaiah Washington Gets A Second Chance after Being Blacklisted for Anti-Gay Slur

We loved him as Dr. Preston Burkeon on the hit ABC show Grey’s Anatomy, but after he was fired in 2007 for using a homophobic slur the actor tells New York magazine that he was forced to leave hollywood.

“I didn’t want to leave Hollywood. But the way the system works is that if people believe that you’re a certain way, or they think you supposedly hate them … how can I expect them to take a call on my behalf if they’ve been led to believe that I’m this monster? And now, cut to: Now I’m playing a monster, and everybody wants to represent me and talk to me.”[Laughs]

He is busy promoting his new film Blue Caprice which will be his big return to the entertainment world. The movie is based on the story of D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad — the man responsible for killing at least 10 innocent people with his seventeen-year-old partner, Lee Boyd Malvo, in October 2002.

When asked how the movie’s director, Alexandre Moors, found him since he has been on a hiatus, Washington responded,

“He found me, on Facebook. Apparently he’d been looking for me for months. I don’t have an agent, I don’t have a manager. The way I see it, the people who really want to find me can find me. The guy that says he’s my manager is really just a friend of mine — who’s a former agent. If something interesting came to me, fine, but I’ve been busy traveling the world — Turkey, Africa, Morocco. I’ve written a book, I’ve become a better husband and father because I’m home every day. My connection to the Hollywood world has only been through Facebook. My followers would say, “NBC is looking for you. Law and Order: L.A. is looking for you.” So I’d give the casting director a call, and they’d be like, “Is this really you?” Because they’re expecting to talk to an agent, and I haven’t had an agent in six years. I do all my calls. I negotiate my own deals.”

How do you feel about Washington’s return to Hollywood? Will you go see Blue Caprice?


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