Jeezy Drops ‘Young’ From Rap Name

It’s sort of a coming-of-age ritual when a rapper sheds the “Young” or “Lil’” from their moniker, and Jeezy is the latest MC to announce the name change. In an interview with MTV’s Rap Fix Live, the rapper promptly informed host Sway Calloway of the prefix dropping.

“No, no, no, it’s Jeezy now. We dropped the ‘Young,’” he said. “Yeah, I’m grown now, man. I did enough of that.”

He attributed the change to a more adult attitude since his early days in the game.

“It sound good because when I came in the game, that’s who I was and that was my state of mind,” he said. “But I’m a grown man now.”

The two also chopped it up about what it meant for Jeezy to be endorsed by President Obama. Check out a clip of Jeezy’s Rap Fix Live interview above..