Justin Timberlake Extends Total Running Time Of ’20/20 Experience, Part 2 of 2′

Justin Timberlake isn’t placing any limits on himself for the sequel of his 20/20 Experience. Pop Justice caught a glimpse of the TRT’s of JT’s forthcoming album and there is no shortage of uber-lengthy records. The former NSYNCer first employed long-winded tracks on his successful solo sophomore project FutureSex/LoveSounds and proves this time around that his studio time means business. The entire album clocks in at 74:27 for your extended listening pleasure. See the time table below.

Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want) 05:15
True Blood 09:31
Cabaret 04:32
TKO 07:04
Take Back The Night 05:55
Murder 05:07
Drink You Away 05:31
You Got It On 05:55
Amnesia 07:04
Only When I Walk Away 07:05
Not A Bad Thing 11:28