Justin Timberlake Shows Up To Jay Leno On ‘Drugs’ (Watch)

Justin Timberlake wasn’t his normal self during his appearance on Tonight with Jay Leno. Feeling a bit under the weather, the blue-eyed singer was quick to note that he was under the influence.

“I’m on all kinds of PEDs, no, just the antibiotic prednisone cocktail, the sinus infection cocktail,” the singer joked.

This then sparked a conversation about the sickest JT has been before a performance, gambling in Vegas to promo his new film Runner Runner co-starring Ben Affleck, and his *NSYNC reunion.

The “Take Back The Night” singer also reveals the the coolest person he’s ever met in the video below. Stay tuned for The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2, which drops Sept. 30, and Runner Runner hitting theaters Oct. 4.