Kanye West Compliments Paparazzi

When Kanye West touched down in Paris for fashion week with his baby mama Kim Kardashian by his side, you couldn’t tell that Kanye West had been beefing with Jimmy Kimmel and photographers earlier. Less then 24 hours prior, the “New Slaves” rapper had a different expression on his face after paparazzi came too close for comfort on his Beverly Hills property. He also sounded off on funnyman Kimmel after the late night host spoofed his recent BBC Radio 1 interview with Zane Lowe. But in Paris, West was singing a different tune; he actually complimented the paparazzo that was right in his face. Kanye tells the French videographer “No conversation, man, please,” after being approached. He then tells the paparazzi, “I respect you guys out here. It’s all good.” The paparazzo did put his camera down after West asked him to. A new dawn is upon us, folks.