Katy Perry Pokes Fun At Rihanna For Smoking Habit

Vivacious pop starlet Katy Perry is baffled by bestie Rihanna’s ability to keep a fresh face while indulging in the green.

“I think that Rihanna always looks so fresh and I’m like, ‘How do you do that? We all know how much pot you smoke! And you don’t sleep because you’re on Instagram at four o’clock in the morning,’” Perry said in a recent interview with Elle Canada about the Bajan beauty.

The “Dark Horse” songbird also hinted at not co-signing Rih’s reunion with ex Chris Brown this past summer, which has since ended.

“I know a lot of people out there with the most detrimental entourages, they are the root of their demise,” she said. “It’s really unfortunate but you can’t save these people. My days of celebrity saving are over.”

Perry also dished on her upcoming Prism album and her preferred method of relaxation called Transcendental Meditation. Prism will shine in stores Oct. 22.

Photo Credit: Getty