Lamar Odom Reportedly Cut Off By Drug Dealer

Reports are circulating that Lamar Odom’s drug addiction is so bad that the basketball player has been cut off from his drug supply … by his drug dealer.

Last month, the shocking news that Odom — a 14-year NBA veteran — had been using surfaced after an intervention with his wife Khloe Kardashian-Odom and family members didn’t go as intended. Odom reportedly refused to acknowledge he had a problem, and was kicked out of his home. He allegedly went missing for several days, but soon surfaced only to be arrested for DUI. Since it has been revealed that his drug of choice is crack, the very thing that lead Whitney Houston to her reported deathbed.

In new rumors hitting the Internet, Odom is apparently so far in that his drug habit is at $800/day. A big payday for any drug dealer, except that Odom’s crack dealer has cut him off after the 6’10” baller wouldn’t stop calling. Afraid that Odom would overdose and that the drugs would get traced back to him, the dealer severed ties last week reportedly forcing Odom to find a new supplier … or get clean, if he chooses.

According to People, the 32-year-old Odom checked into rehab on Wednesday morning but left Thursday afternoon and was later spotted in Los Angeles.

Here’s to hoping he faces his problem for more than a day soon.