LeBron James To Develop New Comedy Series For Starz

LeBron James is taking his talents to the small screen. The Miami Heat baller is set to develop a new half-hour comedy series titled Survivor’s Remorse for Starz, alongside veteran producer Tom Werner, writer/actor Mike O’Malley, longtime friend Maverick Carter and manager Paul Wachter.

According to THR, the series will explore the “complexity, comedy and drama of an experience that everyone reads about, but few understand – what truly happens when you make it out.” The story will focus on lead characters Cam Calloway and Reggie Vaughn who come up through the gritty streets of Philadelphia and achieve fame and fortune, only to grapple with the struggles that come with success.

“We are incredibly excited at Starz to work with such a deep bench of talented storytellers to develop Survivor’s Remorse,” Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said in a statement announcing the news Tuesday (September 2). “Everyone involved brings something unique to the table – from Tom Werner’s legendary television success to LeBron’s extraordinary life experiences and point of view. We hope that Survivor’s Remorse will bring the humor, pain and complexity of these characters to life in a way that is honest and compelling for audiences worldwide.”

James, who has has worked with Werner since 2011 as partners alongside Carter in Fenway Sports Group, will be executive producing the project and says that he has a deep passion for television being created right now.

“When my business partners Tom Werner and Maverick Carter brought up the idea of creating a television series that would capture the story of what happens when you make it out, I jumped at the chance,” said the nine-time NBA All-Star, who pointed out that his TV addictions include Boardwalk Empire, Magic City, Scandal and 24 “For Maverick and I even to be where we are right now, given where we came from, is kind of hard to believe. I felt like it was a story that needed to be told, and nobody can craft a story like Tom Werner.”

Starz recently pulled the plug on its action series Magic City after two seasons.

Photo Credit: Getty