Lil’ Mo Says She is DONE with Kelly Price and Her Hidden Agendas

If there is a season 2 of R&B Divas: LA, don’t count on being chummy with her fellow cast mate Kelly Price. Although the two seemed to have “kissed and made up” at the taping of part 2 of the show’s reunion, Lil Mo tells The FeedBack Live they are far from friends,

“If we do a season 2, I’mma do my part for the camera, but that BFF stuff and going to her [Kelly’s] house and her church…never again. I’m not doing that. I wasted too much gas money and too much of my personal time being a friend to be turn-coated on for something I had no control over.”

“I don’t trust people and their hidden agendas. There are people and we call them “multiple personalities” but in the church world we say, “people have multiple spirits” and I just want everyone to get delivered, like for real.”

“As a friend, I just don’t like the different faces that she gives. She has a representative. She has who she really is. She has who she wants to be. I’m not giving nobody 490 forgives. You got one time to shade me, and we’re through.”

Lil’ Mo isn’t playing around. Do you think she is being too harsh on Price or is she just keeping it real?


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