Listen: Drake Continues His Dynasty On ‘Wu-Tang Forever’

Nothing will ever be the same for Drake. Yet, on his latest record “Wu-Tang Forever,” he revisits familiar territory. Within the first 20 seconds, the listener may be quick to write off the record as another “Marvin’s Room” as Drizzy rap-sings against a haunting piano melody to a female counterpart, “I just love when I’m with you/ yeah this shit is on ten/ we used to be friends/ and girl, even back then, you would look at me with no hesitation/ and you would tell me baby it’s yours.”

But once the 26 year old launches into his verses, it makes sense why Drake would name-check the Clan in its title. With his third studio effort Nothing Was The Same dropping September 24, Drizzy has exceeded expectations with his recent releases. He welcomed a new chapter in his career with a meme-able rap record on “Started From The Bottom” then switched his style up for a wedding/ karaoke smash with “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” For “Wu-Tang Forever,” he disguises what could be interpreted as a candlelit simp tune as a definitive statement that this rap game belongs to him and nobody else.

And that’s the beauty of a Drake record. He can make a track fit for emo hour that will have both exes and even the most gangster of thugs feelin’ some type of way. Still, you can’t help but find comfort in knowing this Toronto kid knows exactly what he’s doing.

Listen to “Wu-Tang Forever” below and pre-order NWTS on iTunes here.