Lupe Fiasco Sued For Allegedly Hiding Drug Kingpin’s Millions

Lupe Fiasco has found himself in the middle of a messy divorce. According to TMZ, the former wife of drug kingpin Charles “Chilly” Patton is accusing Lupe of helping Patton launder money in an attempt to cheat her out of alimony. Patton, who is now serving a 44-year prison sentence for running heroin, is a former business associate and mentor of the rapper.

In the suit filed by Inita Patton, the Chicago-bred rapper is suspected to have helped her estranged husband hide over 9 million dollars in several bank accounts. After looking further into Charles’ finances, Inita reportedly traced the money back to rapper.

Charles Patton served as a partner in Lupe’s 1st and 15th Records. After being charged with possession of six kilos of heroin in 2003, prosecutors attempted to connect Patton’s drug schemes to the label, but were unsuccessful. Lupe eventually testified in Patton’s defense at his trial.

He wrote a letter to the court that read: “I love Charles [..] I am deeply saddened by his circumstances and will stand by him and his family no matter what occurs.” He dedicated the song “Free Chilly” to Patton on his album, The Cool.

Lupe’s attorney told TMZ that the allegations against his client were false, and would be proven so upon the trial. “There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions,” he said.

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