Matt Kemp On Style: ‘I Like The Grown Man Look’

The latest wave of stylish athletes have garnered an unprecedented amount of attention from the fashion world. LA Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp is up next at the plate as he graces the cover of Haute Living’s September/October issue. Within the interview, the 29-year-old slugger discusses a range of topics including athlete’s starting to dress better and his own personal style.

“I love to go shopping,” he admits. “I love to look at clothes. I don’t necessarily like to try things on, but I do love to go and shop.” Kemp also admits to having a stylist dress him when he’s not suited up in his uniform and that his grandmother taught him about style. “I try to keep things simple,” he says. “Some people try too hard to develop their own look and they go too far to be different. I try to keep it clean and nice-looking. I like the grown man look.”

Despite suffering from an injured hamstring earlier in the season, the two-time All-Star recently returned to the Dodger’s starting lineup. In regards to the injury Kemp says the way you bounce back tells you a lot about yourself. “There’s always going to be bad things that you go through but you’ve got to go through bad things for good things to happen. It is what it is. It’s life.” In less than a week the playoffs begin and Kemp will attempt to help lead the Dodger’s to their first World Series in over two decades.

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