Mayor Bloomberg Defends Electric Zoo Founder Mike Bindra

Mayor Bloomberg has spoken out regarding the tragic deaths that took place at last weekend’s Electric Zoo. The NYC mayor claims he’s worked side-by-side with Made Event, Mike Bindra, who founded the festival five years ago.

This comes after the dance music festival was cancelled following the drug overdose deaths of two 23-year-olds. Bindra used to run a Chelsea nightclub, Twilo since it closed in 2001 after two clubber died allegedly from ecstasy overdoses. He has since been putting on Electric Zoo, along with various DJ-centric festivals. The response from these deaths has been widespread and has cloaked the dance music community in grief. Made Event has been expressly disheartened.

Bloomberg said:

“There’s something that he was involved with about a dozen years ago, but we’ve been working with this promoter, organizer, for the past five years and they have a stellar record. I can tell you that when we brought it to their attention, we didn’t need to — they knew they had to put in as good procedures as we could think of and have been nothing but cooperative, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The bottom line here is that you see people here who are doing drugs that shouldn’t be doing drugs and you see the fatal consequences. They city will have to take a look at every concert to see if the concert can be run safely.”