Meek Mill Graduates Etiquette Class, But Can’t Move To Miami

Rewind to May when Meek Mill was ordered by a judge to take etiquette classes following his court hearing from a 2008 gun and drug conviction. Well, the screamy MMG rapper, real name Robert Williams, has completed his politeness courses and even secured a stellar review from his instructor. reports:

Gail Madison, head of the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol in Huntingdon Valley, gave a glowing review of her one and only four-hour session with Williams, whom she said was a willing pupil.

“I felt very certain at the end of the four hours that he had a firm grasp of the information,” Madison said, describing a list of topics, including handshaking, eye contact, dressing for success, international protocol, domestic behavior and impression management.

The “Levels” rapper, who showed up to court in a suit and tie, impressed the judge enough that she eased up on his probation requirements, doing away with his travel voucher every 30 days and calls to his probation officer every time he travels to a different state.

If that wasn’t enough, he even snagged a certificate for the session and a 119-page binder chock full of documents to help him cope with “challenges specific to the music industry.”

Rameek was quoted as saying the training “made sense.” He adds, “I just felt like I went through it, I handled it … I just been trying to do everything I gotta do and remain straight.”

He even celebrated on Twitter, “I graduated etiquette class….. Now I can spit these bars more properly!,” he wrote.

Despite the celebratory occasion, the judge denied Meek’s bid to relocate from his native Philly to Miami.

Photo Credit: Getty