Microsoft Announces Xbox One To Hit Shelves On November 22

Clocking it at $499.99, plenty of gamers were wondering just when Microsoft would release their newest video game console. Now, we know it will drop on Friday, November 22nd.

Yusuf Mehdi, the Vice President of Marketing, Strategy, and Business for Xbox, wrote a post in Xbox’s blog Wednesday making the release date announcement. In addition to that, Mehdhi added that the Xbox One CPU’s processing power will be increased to 1.75 GHz, a 10 percent increase from its original specs.

While the PlayStation 4’s CPU processing speed has not yet been specified, there are rumors being bantered about that it could be upwards to about 2.75 GHz, though that has not been confirmed by Sony itself.

Microsoft hopes to angle gamers back in after disappointing them once the Xbox One was revealed to be more of a media center to watch TV and movies than it is to play games. The company came under heavy fire when they dodged questions around playing used games and daily Internet check-ins. The Xbox One has since reversed many of those decisions, but it still costs $100 more than the PlayStation 4, which will come out a week prior to the Xbox One on November 15th.

Included in a bundle package with theh Xbox One will be a Kinect motion tracking camera while the PlayStation 4’s PS Eye will be sold separately from the system.

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s attempt to get the larger community interested in console gaming. Mehdi wrote in his blog post, “We built Xbox One to bring you the best games,” he wrote. “And November 22 is a special day in Xbox history — on this day, we first launched Xbox 360 in 2005.”

Which one will you go out and cop? The PS4 or the Xbox One?

Props: Games Industry International