Miss America Crowns First Indian-American Winner; Racist Tweets Follow

As soon as the name Nina Davuluri was announced as the newest Miss America, the Internets revolted with racist tweets that flooded the web.

The social media world decided that the 24-year-old scholastic wunderkind was not fit for the crown that she adorned during the 2014 pageant in Atlantic City. While since then, she’s scoffed at any racial epithets thrown her way, the University of Michigan graduate was labeled as an Arab, and called horrible things on the Internet.

“If you’re #MissAmerica, you should have to be American,” said one tweet. She was referred to as “the Arab,” by some and other commenters called her “Miss 7-11,” instead of her appropriate title of Miss America. There were those who huffed aloud about Davuluri’s win coming so close after the events of September 11th in New York City.

There were those who mentioned that the woman who earned a degree in Brain Behavior and Cognitive Science had ties to al-Qaeda, and at least one person flat-out called her a “terrorist.” Some have already been deleted, but the daughter of a well-renowned father affiliated with St. Joseph’s Hospital brushes all of it off in her first news conference after winning the crown.

“I’m so happy this organization has embraced diversity,” she said, according to AP. “I’m thankful there are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new Miss America.”

The native Syracuse, New Yorker, competed on a platform of “Celebrating Diversity through Cultural Competency.” For the talent portion, she performed a traditional Indian dance fused with Bollywood moves. This isn’t the first time that American has shown their ugly side, regarding the Miss America crown. Back in 2010, when Rima Fakih won the distinction, the Internets tried to link the Lebanese-American beauty to the militant group Hezbollah.

Props: CNN