My Favorite Robot “Space Capsule” Video Premiere

Electro is the bastard love child of American hip-hop and European new wave. As such, it is both gritty and posh. My Favorite Robot hail from Toronto, which is something of an American-European love child in its own way, and they are as fluent in electro as fellow Canadians like Junior Boys are in neo-italo – which is to say, very.

On September 19, festival circuit favorites My Favorite Robot release their new album Atomic Age on Art Department’s No.19 label. It is a laser sharp rendition of dark and dreamy electro touched with flashes of acid house. The beats rock the right spots, the synths throb and squelch on point, and indie-pop melodies polish the retro vibe to a futuristic gleam that is both elegant and slightly sinister.

Check the exclusive VIBE premiere of their “Space Capsule” video for a taste.

My Favorite Robot Worldwide Tour Dates
Aug 31 Panama City, Panama @ OZ Club
Sep 16 Ibiza, Spain @ DC 10 Circoloco
Sep 21 Toronto, Canada @ Footwork w/Mano Le Tough
Sep 27 Montreal, Canada @ POP Montreal Festival w/Ewan Pearson
Oct 04 Paris, France @ No.19 Social Experiment Showcase w/Art Department
Oct 11 Barcelona, Spain @ Ker
Oct 18 London, United Kingdom @ DJ Mag Lab Live Video Stream
Oct 19 London, United Kingdom @ Basing House w/Jonny Cruz
Dec 20 Moscow, Russia @ Gypsy Bar w/Art Department

Listen to a mini mix preview of Atomic Age.

Atomic Age Tracklist
1 – The Circus
2 – Here Tonight
3 – Looking For Frost
4 – Ride
5 – Space Capsule
6 – Missing Time feat. Chloe
7 – Home feat. Clayton Steele
8 – The Walk
9 – Centreofattentionaut
10 – Atomic Age
11 – Sharpest Tongue
12 – The War To End All Wars