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Amanda Brown

She left college to pursue full-time her dreams: 

I didn’t want to pursue a career in music for a really long time. I always loved singing but I didn’t decide to until my freshman year of college to take that leap of faith. I think that throughout my first year of college, I didn’t want to stay in DC, I wanted to be back in New York where I was in an environment where there are tons of auditions and more opportunities for singing.

She sang back-up for Alicia Keys: 

I went on tour for a little over two years singing background for Alicia Keys and I realized I didn’t want to do back up singing. I started honing my craft as an artist and did more auditions. My experience taught me what I didn’t want and 5 years ago I had a revelation where I found what I did want.

Her heart, soul, and thoughts are in her first album:

I’m really excited about this music. It’s my first album, it’s my heart, soul, and thoughts on the line and [it’s] my first time expressing myself this honestly. I want everyone to know it’s truthful and I want everyone to listen to my music with open ears. I hope you enjoy it.

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