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Brianna Colette is a singer on the rise you should know. Her sound is influenced by Sade and Billie Holiday, and her style is her own concoction of class and sass. She’s every bit a vixen. Here she talks about her career, and reveals that she can run in high heels.

VIBE Vixen: Who do you compare your sound to?
Brianna Colette: Sade. I identify with the sultriness of her voice. She’s a queen in her own right and very classic. Everyone understands what her name means, the music, the style that she produces. She kind of fell into music, she wasn’t looking to be a star or singer, but she had this voice that is so smooth. Growing up I had a deep voice so I kinda relate to artists with deep voices.

How are you going to deal with the social media aspect, are you going to try to gain your fame from how many followers you have on your social networks?
I think my sound speaks for itself. People are drawn to my voice and I think people who really like music and songs with emotion, feeling, and make you think and day dream, they’ll be really pulled into me. We have tons of challenges in this industry, I’m not really worried about it, the followers will come and it’s just my job to give them good music to listen to. I want my fans to continue to grow with me and in my musical journey.

How do you plan to remain relevant in the industry?
Being an entertainer, I want to do acting, modeling, and dabble into other things by giving people a good show. I want them to laugh, smile, and just doing what I’m doing now. I’m really focusing on branding myself in this industry.

What made you fall in love with singing?
It was something I always loved to do, in my room, in the shower, alone. In the shower the acoustics are really nice [laughs]. My mom had a karaoke machine that she gave me and once I had that microphone in the room it was on. A friend of mine who was a deejay told me to come by one day. He was on his turntables and he told me to get on the mic and sing something which I did and I felt so alive and refreshed and all of a sudden I had just bloomed in like 30 seconds and from that the rest is history.

Is your hair your trademark?
The hair is just me, I just had it so long. Right after high school I stopped relaxing it, I wanted to see what it would do and it just worked, it worked my personality. I feel confident wearing it and it’s not always an easy style walking out with big hair because people look at you but I feel comfortable and I love it.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?
I want them to be able to hear my music and help them work out what they’re going through. I want it to help someone heal, help a couple get back together. I really want people to listen to my music and visualize something positive and really just take away something warm and a loving feeling of what they want to express out into the world.

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