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Brianna Colette5 things you didn’t know about Brianna Colette:

  1. I’m really goofy. They’re two sides of me the Brianna Colette, the make-up the heels, really done up then when I’m at the house I’m at home just sliding around the house acting goofy.
  2. I don’t like vegetables. I’m not the kind of person that’ll eat a salad. But I’ll drink my vegetables, OD with the apples. I eat veggie chips.
  3. I can run in high heels. I will chase you down in 4 or 5 inch pumps.
  4. I’m inspector gadget. My friends make fun of me, when there is a mystery to be found, I will get to the bottom of it.
  5. I love to clean. My friends say I have OCD but I think I’m just organized. I love cleaning that’s the time I can clear out my thoughts. Vacuuming is the most amazing thing.


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Tags: Sade