Nicki Minaj Says A Miley Cyrus Collaboration Slipped Through The Cracks

Imagine the mayhem that would’ve ensued had Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus made music together? Earlier in the year, the two were photographed in the studio alongside Mike WiLL Made It, but in a recent interview with E! Online, she killed all hopes of such a duet. “I didn’t make any music with Miley,” Minaj told E! yesterday. “There was a song that was a possibility but it didn’t work out.”

Aside from Ms. Cyrus, Nicki discussed working on her new album due in 2014, how American Idol slightly distracted her from her music (“It was such a great experience. I would not trade it for the world. But my heart is in my music and I had to step back and go have different experiences so that I could write my third album”) and how she was initially intimidated working opposite Cameron Diaz for the film The Other Woman. “When I got on set the first day, I was so nervous,” Nicki said. “Cameron Diaz walks in the room and I’m like, ‘Kill me. Is this really happening?’ She lights up the room and all I could think of is what if I do something and she things that I suck, what is going to say?”

Watch the entire interview over at E! Online.

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