Nicki Minaj Hit With ‘Starships’ Lawsuit

Nicki Minaj’s biggest pop record is now being accused of plagiarism. Clive Tanaka is suing the Young Money rapstress, producer RedOne, contributors Carl Falk, Wayne Hector and Rami Yacoub for “Starships,” whose viral stuck-in-your-head-upon-playback appeal stayed wedged in Billboard’s Top 10 for 21 consecutive weeks last summer. The mystery singer claims she jocked substantial portions from his 2011 single “Neu Chicago,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

Tanaka filed the suit under his company’s name, Tanaka Light Industries USA, and also says that RedOne and Minaj’s other “Starships” collaborators resided in Sweden the time his dance track was blowing up overseas. “They had a very good opportunity to hear it,” Tanaka’s attorney Christopher Niro said.

This wouldn’t be the first instance where a mega star was hit with plagiarism allegations. Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker pointed the finger at Beyonce for stealing her dance moves in the 2011 video “Countdown.”

Take a listen to both tracks and determine if “Starships” was a copycat below.

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