No Sleep Til Brooklyn: The Borough’s Best Underground Parties

The world has taken notice of what New Yorkers have known for years: from Sunset Park to Bushwick to Williamsburg, the Mecca of the deep, dark, and dangerous underground scene lives and thrives in the County of Kings a.k.a. Crooklyn a.k.a. Brooklyn. Peppered with clubs like SRB, Cameo, Glassland, TBA and of course Output, Brooklyn has experienced a night life renaissance unseen since Peter Gatien took over Manhattan with Club USA and Limelight, however the underground has always been there. After the sun sets (or in some cases begins to rise) all roads eventually lead to Brooklyn.

Brooklynites have never been known to embrace mainstream culture. The borough has collectively chosen to reject the mainstream electro house sound while conversely choosing to cultivate and nurture the distorted digital sounds of techno or the groovy rolling bass lines of deep house found in only the darkest alleys of the seediest places in the world.

A friend once wrote “as the music we love slowly gets taken away from us by the obnoxious, we migrate deeper into the depths of BK to find the perfect moment again.” For those making the inevitable trek over the Williamsburg Bridge late at night looking for that perfect moment, these are just some of the names to remember. ->

Photo credit: Getty Images