Octavia Spencer Files $700K Lawsuit Against Sensa Weight Loss Company

Are we the only ones who didn’t know Octavia Spencer had a weight loss endorsement deal? Turns out her $1.25 million agreement with weight loss company Sensa delivered less than desirable results. The product, described as “a doctor formulated weight loss system you sprinkle on your food to help you eat less and feel full faster”, recruited The Help star as its first celebrity spokesperson under multiple conditions. Today, she is seeking $700,000 from the popular brand for breach of contract.

The notoriously private star said no to before and after photos and tabloid ads, but agreed to sponsored tweets with hashtag #spon. According to the filed lawsuit, her intention was to promote a healthier lifestyle instead of significant weight loss. Unfortunately, after failing to get tweets approved and generating an insignificant amount of social media feedback, the company terminated her contract.

“Sensa admitted that Spencer’s social media posts generally received less likes than the brand saw with their normal posts. Although the reactions to Spencer’s posts were all positive, Sensa felt that her use of ‘#spon’ at the end of her tweets, which is a requirement under the Agreement and by the FTC, did not benefit her performance,” says the lawsuit.

Stay tuned to see who comes out on top.

Photo Credit: Getty Images