Pharrell Goes On A ‘Coffee Run’ With Deadmau5 (VIDEO)

Pharrell got in the passenger seat in Deadmau5’s Ferrari for the second edition of the DJ’s YouTube series Coffee Run. Deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman equips his car with GoPros and takes to the Toronto streets while interviewing/getting to know the person coming along for the ride.

There is some uncomfortable silence at the beginning as the two drive through the rain. Pharrell flips the questions on Zimmerman, asking him about his family (turns out Zimmerman moved his mom into his building). Skateboard P goes in-depth on cars (he’s a Rolls-Royce guy) before they reach Tim Horton’s for that cup of Joe. The series ends up being strangely informative. Zimmerman gives fans a window into Pharrell’s life by way of really random conversation topics — in this case, future gum flavors. Watch the video above.