Preview: Vic Mensa’s ‘INNANETAPE’ Is The Start Of Something—And Someone—Big


While hip-hop heads anticipate the drop of Southside Chicago native Vic Mensa’s INNANETAPE (download here!), the SaveMoney wordsmith continues to tease at what is to come.

Throughout his short career, Yung Net has proven how this vast and complicated interweb has the power to help one master his own fate, one click at a time. Whether it was from surfing online and finding his standout feature on Chance the Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” his often-undermined rapology in Kids These Days, or even lesser-known performance on his Straight Up mixtape, you likely know what you know about the 20-year-old lyricist from a discovery somewhere on the worldwide web.

And after a sneak peek into the INNANETAPE that Vic supplied fans with on Saturday evening at his Illroots and Adidas co-hosted listening party in the Chi, one could conclude that he is the epitome of what he so assuredly proclaimed one night while high off the shits, in his friend’s basement, more than a year ago. Vic Mensa is the #Innanet.

Click through to read about what to expect when the mixtape drops later today on and look for Mensa in a city near you as an opener for J. Cole’s What Dreams May Come tour and later the Disclosure Live tour. —Shannon Powell