Q&A: Ludacris Talks ‘Ludaversal’ Album, Tyler Perry, And A Legendary Collaboraration

Ludacris has nothing left to prove.

His catalog of hits spans more than a decade and by diversifying his endeavors, the Atlanta native has been a consistent member of Forbes’ “Hip-hop Cash Kings” list since the rankings began in the mid 2000s. Seemingly at will, Luda has juxtaposed his rap career with movie roles and lucrative endorsements, accumulating a trophy room of awards along the way.

On the surface, it’s difficult to pinpoint any flaws in his career. A guarded personal life has led most of his fans to exclusively love the entertainer known as Ludacris, as opposed to Chris Bridges: the 35-year-old man behind the crazy moniker.

After a hiatus from recording, Ludacris returns with a new studio album he believes will finally show the world who he truly is. The man who helped usher in the “dirty south” movement at the turn of the new millennium sat down with VIBE to share his thoughts on the long-gestating Ludaversal LP, accolades he’s received and whether he’s currently in love.


Photography by: Ray Rael Yau – www.rayyau.net