Q&A: ‘Scarface’ Legend Steven Bauer Talks Working With Drake In ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ Video

Scarface stans two-stepped into a time machine for Drake’s latest cinematic offering, “Hold On We’re Going Home.” Not only were the spiffy suits and Miami club scene in 1985 on-point, actor Steven Bauer, known for his role as Manny Rivera in the gangster classic Scarface, makes a cameo. Here, the man once known as Manolo dishes on meeting the Toronto rapper, his favorite Drizzy track and what it is exactly that Drake takes from him in the music video. —Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)

VIBE: Every other day, I get a spam message on Twitter to star in Drake’s new video. I can imagine the invitation to work with him was a little different for you.
Steven Bauer: [Laughs] It was a little different. Someone mentioned my name to the producer Sharon Oreck, who’s married to the video’s director Bill Pope. Sharon knew me from many years ago. One of the first videos she produced was the Eurythmics video that I starred in with Annie Lennox and David Stewart. She mentioned me to Drake’s manager [about me being in the video] and he said, ‘Yes! Absolutely!’ I think the word they used was ‘epic.’ They said, ‘What do you think if we could get Steven Bauer?’ and they said, ‘Epic.’

That, it was. Now you have a line in it where you say, “He took what was mine and I’ve taken what is his.” What did Drake take from you in the video?
[Laughs] It’s not really clear, is it? We sort of cut across a lot of plot because we only had seven minutes. It’s sort of implied that he took something really really valuable from me, basically my power in the area. When they have their sit down at the beginning of their celebration, it’s sort of implied that they’ve achieved a certain stature and they’ve taken my empire from under me so I take Drake’s girl.

Now the video is set in 1985 in Miami. Did you have any Scarface nostalgia while filming it?
They were actually very good with the time and date, very accurate in setting that whole period, especially given the fact that we weren’t in Miami. We were shooting in Los Angeles and we only had two-and-a-half to three days to shoot that thing. It was a lot of work but it did conjure up some memories, some late nights at the club in Miami. It was very, very similar.

One of the best moments in Scarface was where you and Al Pacino have a back-and-forth about picking up girls. Drake is known for having a catalog that caters to the ladies so did you bestow any words of wisdom to him in love or acting?
I don’t think he needs any advice. He’s well on his way as a ladies’ man. I probably could use some advice from him at this point [laughs]. He’s really a very confident young man. I was very impressed with him, especially as an actor. I think he’s going to have a career as an actor.

Have you ever seen him in his early DeGrassi days?
Yes, I did. I told him about it. He was actually really thrilled and a little embarrassed by it. It’s like when people mention ¿Qué Pasa, USA? or even Scarface because it was a long time ago. But Drake’s very serious about acting. I’m gonna try to do whatever I can to help him in that area. I’d love to work with him again.

You also got to meet other rappers as well like A$AP Rocky and Fredo Santana. What was your first impression of them?
They’re all really nice kids. They’re very serious artists. I was very impressed. All the people around Drake are really quality people. A lot of musicians tend to take for granted where they are with quick success but all of Drake’s friends are very nice and very humble.

Is there a certain Drake song you consider a favorite?
[Laughs] Because I do live on this planet, I am exposed to some of it. I was very amused by the song “Started From The Bottom.” I saw the video and he did amuse me a lot. It’s funny cause I thought I’d never meet him and this just came out of the blue.

The universe works in mysterious ways. Now you’re currently on Showtime’s Ray Donovan, which is a knock-out (pun intended).
Ray Donovan is such a revelation to everybody who’s working on it and it’s only getting better. Now it’s gaining a lot of momentum going into the second season for next year. I think we’re going to start working on it mid-January and we’ll be back on the air next summer and I guess we’ll be at the Emmys too.

Where else can folks expect to see you next?
I have a film opening up in New York on November 8 called The Last Gamble and I play the main character as a sports gambler. It’s really a good piece and I’m very proud of it. Keep a look out for it.