Q&A: Subscape Talks Dubstep, Premiere “Close Your Eyes”

Subscape – born Anthony Peters – is the UK DJ/producer who is trailblazing a “massive, melodic movement” that has crossed over from the underground and across the pond. His first solo North Amercian tour in April dazzled U.S. partygoers, opening their eyes to the Caspa-helmed Dub Police expansive flavors. Subscape chatted with VIBE about the state of dubstep, his upcoming plans and Dub Police label-head Caspa’s eye-opening introduction to In-N-Out Burger.

Continuing to forge his unique sound, Subscape’s has a new single on Dub Police, featuring two fan-favorite tracks from his breakout ‘My Style’ volume, which dropped earlier this year. “I Need You” and “Close Your Eyes” (out Monday, 09.09.13) display his prowess for crafting melodic club bangers that vary in approach but are always packed with ideas and big drops. Stream “Close Your Eyes” exclusively on VIBE, now, and meet the prolific producer before he retreats to the studio to work on a full LP.

VIBE: Do you like American Dubstep? If yes, who and why? If no, why?
Subscape: Yeah of course, North America has produced many quality producers since the EDM explosion a few years back, and the stuff they’ve been putting out has been very exciting. I like the Smog movement that rumbled through the States and over the pond with artists like 12th Planet, Antiserum, Noah D and Flinch, they’ve always caught my attention. Ive been getting in the studio with a great producer, Infuze, from New York who has opened me up to loads of new music that I would otherwise have never listen to before and its all sounding massive. Datsik is dope too. He played at one of our Dub Police nights at Fabric in April this year and killed it!

Explain the difference between UK dub and American Dubstep.
One of the differences between American and UK Dubstep is the timescale. The UK scene grew up in the very late 90’s & early 00’s, influenced by Garage, Drum n Bass, Grime etc. and has gone through many shapes and forms since then and has had a lot of time to grow to what it is today. America’s Dubstep scene is relatively still in its youth and has many more exciting years to grow into and branch of into many different things, like it has done with Trap. I suppose one of the more noticeable differences is that the US took on the more aggressive style of Dubstep very quickly and the UK isn’t as saturated in that style, which is cool because theres still loads of artists on each side of the pond coming out with the deep melodic vibes and the stuff in between as well. There is something for everybody.

Describe your sound in THREE words:
Massive, Melodic, Movement

Best advice you ever got from a DJ? Who and what was it?
I’ve had a lot of great advice from DJs and producers that I’ve met, a lot of production techniques and tips of decent plug ins. When I was in the states earlier this year, Caspa told me to go to In-N-Out Burger for the first time… best advice ever!

The worst?
I was advised not to stage dive twice in NYC because it was only the second date of the tour… Can’t say who that’s from!

Got any weird rituals for before spinning live?
I don’t think I have any rituals or anything, but a full stomach and an empty bladder before I go on stage is up there on my checklist before I play. Once I had to leave the decks between a mix and panic run to find a toilet on the other side of the club, which was not fun, so I always try to avoid that situation.

Method to production? Best tools?
I like starting projects with minimal effort so I can get straight to being creative. I always have days for pre-production where I’ll search for samples and other elements that sound nice together, set up buses, make drum patterns and things like that. Then when I get that idea I can get it down quick and get things flowing easier. I’m a big fan of the Native Instrument plug-ins and I’m always trying to explore new techniques and new software to create new sounds.

What are your plans for upcoming fall?
Next up production-wise will be an album, when it’s finished. Dub Police are releasing a massive ‘Past, Present and Future’ project which will have some of my tracks old and new on it. I’m also very excited to be coming back to the states for the next Dub Police tour – coming very soon!

Own “I Need You”/ “Close Your Eyes.”