The Real Face Of Electric Zoo (Photos)

The name on everyone’s lips over Labor Day weekend was Electric Zoo, the New York electronic dance festival hosted by Made Event, but it was not in a positive light. After two drug overdose deaths were reported at the event, a dark shadow has been casted over the world of EDM and what it had originally stood for. A common ground where individuals from all walks of life could get together and practice the teachings of PLUR (peace, love, understanding, respect) by getting high off the energy and excitement infused by electronically infused music – how quickly we forget our roots once we’re caught up in the chaos.

This is why VIBE has put together a 50-page photo gallery to remind the world what Electric Zoo really is and what it had originally sought out to accomplish when it first brought great energy and music to New York five years ago. There are rumors that this year may be EZoo’s last… we hope that’s not the case, but if it is we hope that this serves as a time capsule to preserve the TRUE people and essence of Electric Zoo. ->

Words by Jessica Wunsch, Photography by Ray Shot Me