Review: Papoose Sons Big Sean With Diss Track ‘First Chain’ (Remix)

Let’s just get it over with. Papoose, the veteran Brooklyn MC who has seemingly risen out of obscurity following his controversial (and somewhat puzzling) lyrical attack of hip-hop’s current golden child Kendrick Lamar, has just buried Big Sean. Pap calls his brutal and quite entertaining slaying of the Detroit rhyme star “First Chain (Remix),” an ironic middle finger that completely transforms Sean’s own feel-good track into an unforgiving torture chamber. But it doesn’t start off on a very promising note. Papoose nearly falls into the same trap that stopped his headline-making “Control” assault of the acclaimed Compton rhymer, also known as K-Dot, from being a worthy diss.

Just as Pap did on that side-eye attack—on which he questioned Lamar’s manhood for showcasing a throwback photo of himself as a small boy sitting on the lap of his uncle for the cover of his platinum breakthrough album good kid, m.A.A.d city—he once again pushes the tired nigga-you-gay button. “So Big Sean speak like a woman when he talk/When he having a seat he keep his legs crossed…” Pap fires away. There are more lines that reheat past jabs at Sean’s G.O.O.D. Music label boss Kanye West (it seems Pap doesn’t ever want us to forget that Yeezus wore a leather kilt or skirt, depending who you ask) and what he views (again!!!!) as the over-feminization of the black man. Yet following that verbal sleepwalk, Papoose discovers his inner KRS-One and proceeds to deliver the lyrical equivalent of an eight-year-old getting the unholy business with a wet tree switch.

“Everytime they play ‘Control’ they skip yo’ verse,” he proclaims of Sean’s also-ran moment on the Lamar dominated cut. And there are more well, damn! highlights, from calling Big Sean a Ralph Tresvant look-alike (old-head alert) to mocking the man’s slight frame with a nod to Sean’s label mate Pusha T (“Pusha must be selling the crack and you smoking it…”) Yep, the hits just keep coming: Blaming Sean for Hannah Montana’s transformation into the minstrel twerk queen Miley Cyrus (as Pap reminds us, that was Billy Ray’s daughter getting her pin-up girl on in Big Sean’s “Fire” clip); lambasting the lad for claiming he was better than Drake and Hov; and questioning his overall rap credentials (“Never seen the movie Breakin’, Beat Street, Krush Groove, Style Wars, Wild Style…Ain’t hip-hop in a lot of ways…”). There will be some folks who dismiss Papoose as an opportunist out to extend his 15 minutes while others will remind you that Big Sean is a headlining star that should be above lowering himself in responding to an act that never made a memorable record beyond a diss. And those same people probably wet their pants when they heard “The Bridge Is Over” for the first time. —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)