Rick Ross Fan Faints at MMG ‘Self Made 3′ Signing

Keep calm and MMG on. A woman “fainted” at a store signing for MMG’s Self Made 3, after spazzing out at the sight of Rick Ross.

The things that lead us to believe this is a fake promotional stunt to promote MMG’s new LP? 1) No one helps the woman up. 2) She recovers too quickly after loosing wind. 3) The video was uploaded to the MMG YouTube page with an MMZ tag, a play on tabloid TMZ. Whether or not Rick Ross is attempting to play the mastermind here, priceless is his startled reaction to the fan coming back to life at the one-minute mark and dazed stare thereafter.

“This ain’t fake, this is real,” the fan says blowing Ricky Rozay a kiss before she leaves.

Self Made 3 hits stores Sept. 17.