Rihanna: ‘Being No. 1 Never Gets Old’

Rihanna, who appears on the latest cover of Glamour, stopped by British comedian Alan Carr’s Chatty Man TV show in London earlier this month to talk about her life these days. It was an interview mixed with contradictions. While her Instagram photos and Twitter beefs paint the picture of a hard-partying, scantily-clad Barbados babe, Rihanna calls herself a “square.”

“As a matter of fact, recently I’ve become like a square,” she told Carr, while sipping on a shot of vodka in celebration of his 100th episode. “I hate partying. I’ve been so bored with it; maybe it’s because it’s the same music every night. I don’t know, maybe we need some more DJs or something.”

Carr went on to ask her about her booty-friendly selfies, wardrobe choices and sex life. As far as her career is concerned, RiRi doesn’t show signs of slowing down soon. In the last eight years, she’s had seven number one albums. “Its definitely exciting,” she told Carr. “It never will get old; being No. 1 never gets old. It actually puts a lot of pressure on you, like, it’s a challenge in itself. It keeps me busy, but I love it. I love to challenge myself.”

Rihanna also performed her mellow track “What Now,” before calling it a wrap. Perhaps she is changing her tune, but only her Instagram photos will tell in due time.