Rihanna Covers ‘Glamour’; Says Going Number One ‘Never Gets Old’

rihanna covers glamour

She may be rocking the mullet today, but Rihanna’s a curly-haired vixen for the November issue of Glamour Magazine. Inside, she appears to be the opposite of the party-loving gal we all love as she describes her “bootleg rockstar” lifestyle.

“It doesn’t piss me off because they don’t know me so well, so its easy for them to draw conclusions and its their right to. How can they know anything different?…And it’s not always partying, as a matter of fact, recently I’ve become like a square. I hate partying. I’ve been so bored with it,” she says of her recent life.
“Maybe it’s because its the same music every night. I don’t know, y’all feel me? I don’t know maybe we need some more DJ’s or something. I am such a bootleg rockstar. I do nothing. I’m embarrassed to say that actually. That’s so disgusting. Its pathetic. I’m a bit of a square. Don’t feel bad for me, I’m good.”

For the past eight years, RiRi’s “work hard play hard” philosophy has led her to seven number one albums in seven years and multiple records, something she has yet to grow tired of.

“Its definitely exciting. It never will get old. Being number 1 never gets old. It actually puts a lot of pressure on you like. Its a challenge in its self. It keeps me busy but I love it. I love to challenge myself.”


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