Select Strands Offers Weave Tips for The Transitioning Woman


When transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, not everyone is comfortable committing to the Big Chop. Some women don’t want to dramatically sacrifice so much length and would instead prefer to do things more gradually. Although less dramatic, this method will not be easy and at times the raging battle between your relaxed hair texture and your natural hair will have you so frustrated that you will find yourself in CVS at 4am pacing up and down the aisle lustfully eyeing boxes of creamy crack reminiscing about simpler days. But, I digress. All you need to know is that the process, albeit it sometimes difficult is totally doable! This is where weaves become incredibly useful and offer you the opportunity to transition with complete invisibility. No one but you and your hair stylist ever need to know what’s going on with your real hair. Wearing a weave serves as a way to protect your real hair during this crucial period. Your natural hair will get a break from daily manipulation and be given a chance to grow in peace.

Premier Weave distributor, Select Strands shows that transitioning with weave can be extremely effective if you follow a few simple tips.