Select Strands Offers Weave Tips for The Transitioning Woman

washing hair

Take Care of Your Weave AND Your Hair
Although your weave may not have grown out of your scalp, it is still human hair and needs to be taken care of. Keep your weave clean and moisturized. Also, wrapping your weave or using a silk bonnet at night will increase the longevity of your weave. Properly maintaining your weave will save you lots of money.

More importantly is to not forget to take care of your real hair while wearing a weave! When washing your weave, make sure to really get in between the tracks and into those braids. Thoroughly rinse out all shampoo and conditioner and sit under a hooded dryer to fully dry your braids. Skipping this step could result in your hair to mildew. The last key step is use a bottle of hair oil with a tapered nose so you can easily keep your scalp and braids moisturized as needed.