Should Women In Relationships with Famous Men Expect Infidelity?

woman talking with man

Irv’s reality show “Gotti’s Way” painted it a slightly different way. His estranged wife at the time desperately wanted her husband home with his family. And faithful. She was fighting to be with a man who was blatantly telling her he couldn’t give her what she expected. Of course I’m merely speculating, but I think there is a time she would have given up the mink coats. That said, Deb wasn’t flashy at all—for a devoted husband.

All this talk about famous men cheating has me pondering on whether the women undoubtedly know their man isn’t going to be faithful. On Love and Hip Hop or Basketball Wives we’re reminded weekly of women marrying rappers or athletes who weren’t faithful in the relationship. Women are smart enough to know marrying a cheating man doesn’t make him faithful, which leads me to see Irv’s point as valid. Are “regular” women who marry famous men willing to accept the deception, lonely nights and tears because of the new lifestyle that’s attached to being the wife of [insert famous rich man here]?

Across the board, cheating within a marriage is slightly above 50 percent for both women and men. If the average woman thinks there’s a 50 percent chance her average man will cheat, it’s not at all unlikely that some women are willing to take the risk with higher stakes in a higher income bracket. The thought is, “Girl, if I’m going to get cheated on anyway, I may as well be with a rich dude.”  Only it’s never that simple.