Should Women In Relationships with Famous Men Expect Infidelity?

Through reality shows and interviews with ex-wives, you kind of get the idea that many of the women “marrying up” don’t expect unfaithful husbands. As a woman who has very little access to dating celebrities, I find this notion odd. I would always, always, expect a famous man—especially a rapper or athlete, sorry—to cheat at some point. Isn’t it what you’re signing up for?

None of that is to suggest the blame belongs on anyone other than the cheater. These women don’t deserve that kind of heartache. And despite popular opinion, many of the women truly love their man and were around long before the riches. Whether or not they’d trade in the fabulous life for a loving, faithful husband is something only the women in those Giuseppe shoes can answer.

Someone get Deb and Ja’s wife on the phone. We want to hear the answer.

-Bené Viera