Today In SMH News: LeBron James’ Funky Feet, Farrah Abraham’s Idea Of Feminism And More

No pair of LeBrons could ever do these things justice [BuzzFeed]

Ask Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham what feminism is and the response you get will not be feminism [Miami New Times]

Tyga is being accused of swiping $91K worth of jewelry. No new bling. [TMZ]

Nothing says peace of mind like a do-rag giveaway during your “Ghetto Fabulous” yoga sesh… except it kinda says racism. [Jezebel]

A bunch of horny, lazy undergrads were looking for a “house MILF” on Craigslist [HuffPo]

Anthony Weiner celebrated Rosh Hashanah by getting into a screaming match with a Jew [The Blaze]

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