Steelo Brim Talks ‘Ridiculousness’, Relationships, Racial Profiling and More


steelo brimWhat is the most ridiculous thing that’s happened on set?
I say so many things on the show that can’t air. If you see my humor on Twitter, that’s my humor there as well, they just can’t air half the things I say, because I’m so fuckin’ vulgar and I don’t care. I’m gonna say what I want to say.

Who was your most memorable guest?
We have three guests that people loved the most. I would say it’s Lil’ Jon, Mac Miller and Riff Raff. Lil’ Jon seemed well prepared and he was funny, that’s a funny dude. Mac Miller was just naturally funny. He was just organically funny. I don’t think he saw any clips beforehand, he was just really funny and he was high as shit, and then Riff Raff is just a character.

Your Instagram videos and tweets show that you’re clearly a comedian, would you say you’re the clown of your friends? How would people describe you?
Among my friends, I’m probably known as the friend they don’t want around. I’m going to say any and everything. If my friend brings around a new girl, I’m gonna ask, “Oh y’all fuckin’? Oh, y’all not? That’s what’s up.” I’m quick to say exactly what I feel. I’m definitely known as the clown.

You’ve also been known to give relationship advice via Twitter. That said, what advice would you give our lady readers on how to get and keep a man and keep their relationship going strong?
I am a certified doctor, so I give some great advice on relationships, love and work and just life in general. I am known as Dr. Trill. Not Dr. Phil, but Dr. Trill. But you have to understand that Dr. Trill is my alter-ego. I don’t agree with everything Dr. Trill says. Dr. Trill would say if you want to get a man, you need to stop wearing a hoe’s uniform, okay?

No, but seriously, to get a man, you need to know how to hold an intellectual conversation. You don’t want to be the one that’s talking about things that don’t really matter at the end of the day and you want to be driven. I’m turned on by a woman that’s driven. You could be driven to be the head janitor, I don’t care, as long as you’re driven to do something. Every relationship is about compromise, so to keep a man, you wanna meet your man halfway. Nobody’s going to agree with everything somebody else says, or you can be in a relationship with yourself. None of us want that, so you want to meet your man halfway as much as possible.

Changing gears; you seem to be close friends with Michael B. Jordan. What did you think about his performance in Fruitvale Station and what do you think the basis film overall says about the state of the country and racial profiling today?
Racial profiling isn’t going anywhere for awhile. I think we all hope it does, but it’s been around for years and years. We have to understand that there are ignorant people, and ignorant in the sense of lacking knowledge, in the sense of just not knowing. I’m happy that we’re taking any steps [to change things], but we need to be taking strides in knowing that every African American male and Mexican and minority isn’t a criminal.

I think the movie Fruitvale is empowering, it’s a great film. Mike has been my best friend since we were 12-years-old, so it’s great to see him finally have some shine. He’s been working really hard and I’m hoping that come Oscar season this year that it gets nominated and he gets nominated.

What else are you up to? Can we anticipate more seasons of Ridiculousness from you? Any other ventures you have going on?
We’ll be filming season 4 of Ridiculousness and season 6 of Fantasy Factory soon. I have my own sketch comedy show, “The Steelo Show” coming and I’ll be launching a clothing line this season.

Make sure you’re on the lookout for that!

Photo Credits: MTV