Stream: French Electro House Alex Gopher Teases ‘No Drop’ EP

It’s time to face facts. Whether dressing like robots, to DJing in giant cubes, to cavorting in videos that would make Caligula blush–the French house crew is a tad daft. Alex Gopher is no exception. On his debut album he included a love ballad sung by two Apple Macintosh voices (“Ralph & Kathy”), and Wuz, his project with Demon, boiled House tropes down to a molten bath of gurgling bleeps and sizzling hi-hats. A few days ago, Gopher posted a teaser to No Drop EP, remixes of the title track from his upcoming new album. Included on the EP are reworks of No Drop by Greek tongue-twister NTEIBINT and Japan’s Shinichi Osawa (aka Mondo Grosso). As expected, the original is crunchy as a drunk mosquito deep fried in electro-funk, while NTEIBINT’s mix swings for the chandeliers with a sparser, more downtempo touch, and Osawa keeps pretty true to the source, burning a bit more rubbery bass under the frenetic rhythm. Stream the whole scintillating bump after the jump and follow Alex Gopher to stay on top of his never-ending shenanigans.