Suge Knight Arrested In Los Angeles

Suge Knight was cuffed early Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, TMZ reports. Officials peeped the former Death Row CEO driving in two lanes in his truck, which had no license plates, around 12:30am.

While cops determined Suge was sober, it seems there was a warrant out for the music veteran’s arrest due to two separates cases of driving with a suspended license that he skipped out on court for. Suge is reportedly still in the clink on $20,000 bail.

Tupac’s former sidekick has experienced a series of unfortunate events in the past. He spent nine years in jail over a probation violation from a record involving domestic abuse in 1997, filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and racked up a debt to Uncle Sam over $6 million in 2010.

A biopic based on his life is reportedly in the works, with rapper Gillie Da Kid set to play Tupac.

Photo Credit: Getty

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