SZA Talks Signing With TDE

The First Lady of Top Dawg Entertainment SZA says that her inclusion into the group is like being one of the guys. The “Castles” singer recently sat down with MTV News to talk about being part of the TDE collective and what made it the perfect fit for her.

“I feel like it’s more important for me to be a part of TDE rather than the first female in TDE because they’ve worked with females in the past like Alori and Jhene [Aiko],” she explains. “It’s just honestly like being a part of a collective. They don’t treat me like the girl, like in the best way. They don’t try to baby me or walk over me because I’m the girl. They let me fight for what I believe in and let me be as creative as I want to be and just give me free reign and I love that.”

SZA says that signing with TDE wasn’t an instant process. “The thing that made it a right fit for me with TDE was more of like a personal, emotional decision, like knowing Punch for two years prior of non-music related, no pressure, and like running into them beforehand in the streets and they’ve always been kind to me,” she said. “They’ve never been Hollywood or funny, [it’s] their talent level. They’re not the kind of label that gives you a bottle of champagne and a car when you sign but they’ll give you all the studio time you could ever ask for, every producer you could ever dream of and all the support you could want, and that’s real.”

See the full interview clip above to find out how she celebrated her TDE signing.