Tasha Smith and Micheal Jai White on Reality TV: ‘I Hope It Burns Out’

Tasha Smith and Micheal Jai White

Michael added, “There seems to be a mandate to dumb down society, the lowest common denominator, and the most ignorant among us has the floor,” before his costar continued.

I feel like black women have it worse on reality shows,” says Smith. “I want to represent a black woman that’s going to inspire and encourage and not call women bitches, hoes, and speak to each other that is so damaging to each others soul. It breaks my heart the way I see women communicating with each other on these reality shows.”

Before ending her well needed speech she gave props to Oprah in her final thoughts on the matter, “We cannot be apart of the propaganda to tear down one another and tear down who we are as people—we’re working for a woman [Oprah] who is a black woman who has worked her butt off and shown nothing but self-respect, encouragement, and empowerment over the last 3 decades and now we want to sit there and do those kind of shows. I can’t wait for someone to have an awakening because I am devastated by it.”

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Photo Credits: The Jasmine Brand/ Chicago Tribune