Taye Diggs Dishes on Kissing a Man and His Past Leading Ladies

This week Taye Diggs stopped by Sway in The Morning to chat about his movie career and marriage. Taye quickly gushes over Robin Thicke’s wife’s work ethic and talent she displayed throughout filming.

“She does her thing in this movie…I didn’t know that she could hold her own as a lead in this movie, that she had comic chops, and she can improvise with some of the best actors in the game,” Diggs, who stars as Paula Patton’s ex beau, said.

His seat soon turns hot as Sway questions him on being aroused in any steamy scenes with his past leading ladies. “Absolutely not, never, I’m very professional,” he says. “I consider myself very fortunate. Not only are these women attractive but amazing talents as well.”

The interview continues to get intense as they ask him about kissing a man, keeping his marriage spicy, and his his new company Chocolate Me!

Press play to watch the full episode then flip the pages to see his past leading ladies.