Terrence J Didn’t Know Much About His Mom, So He Wrote A Book About Her

In Steve Harvey’s best-selling novel-turned-blockbuster Think Like A Man, Terrence J gave mama’s boys a name as the lead character Michael. Over a year later, the 31-year-old E! News co-anchor began crafting an advice book based on the woman who gave him life.

“So I was doing character research for Think Like A Man and my character was a mama’s boy, and I realized I didn’t know much about my mom,” he tells VIBE of the inspiration behind his new book The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom. “So when I started learning more about her, I realized that she was so wise at a young age.”

His mom’s library of experiences allowed Terrence to mark up 223 pages with true-to-life anecdotes chock full of heart, perseverance and honesty. But his mother isn’t the only leading lady in between the covers.

“I wrote this book after I met a young lady who had gotten pregnant and started asking me questions,” he says of Tiffany, a teen he meets while volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club, who becomes a mother herself. “I had all this character research from the film and it all just kind of came to me at once.”

While Terrence admits that opening up about his personal life was the biggest challenge about penning the book, he hopes his stories will rouse the same type of inspiration his mom instilled in him.

“I just hope if somebody young picks it up and reads it, they’re like, ‘You know what? When Terrence started, they called him corny, skinny and whack and all those things, and if he can do it, then I can do it and do it better than he did,” he says. “I just want them to be motivated.”

Watch the full interview below and pick up Terrence J’s book The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom via Harper Collins/ It Books out tomorrow, Oct. 1.