TomorrowWorld Reveals Stunner Site Map (PHOTO)

If wild partiers get lost at the inaugural TommorroWorld, going down in Chattahoochee Hills, GA next weekend (Sept 27-29), we’re no sure this map will actually help. That said the TomorrowWorld layout is certainly stupefying. Tomorrowland won six “Best” awards last year including “Best Music Event Worldwide” (2011 & 2012 – Miami WMC) and “Best major European Festival” (2012). Tomorrowland welcomes 180,000 visitors from 214 nations making it the largest international gathering. As we eek our way just a little bit closer to the massive, storied fest hitting American soil for the first time ever, get lost in the map, relive Tomorrowland 2013 with the 30 minute recap video and VIBE’s time capsule photos, here.