Topshop Ordered to Pay Rihanna’s $1.5M Legal Bill

Back at the tail end of July, Rihanna was victorious in her multi-million lawsuit against Topshop. The global retail chain had been selling a t-shirt with her image printed on it. Lawyers for the “Pout It Up” singer argued that the sale of the t-shirt, taken by a freelance photographer during her “We Found Love” video shoot, attempted to pass off the design as approved, or endorsed by her, which it wasn’t. The judge agreed.

On Friday, a judge also ordered that Topshop pay her back the staggering £919,000 (about $1,473,708 US) legal bill for the case. While the judge noted the legal fees were “startling,” he said that £200,000 was due to the pop singer within 14 days. Rihanna also requested the return of any unsold t-shirts, but apparently all but 5 of the original 12,000 had not been sold.

After the July ruling Topshop released a statement saying they were “surprised and disappointed by the judgement.” Probably, all the more so now.

Rihanna currently has a collection available at Topshop competitor River Island.