Tread Lightly: The 5 Most Memorable ‘Breaking Bad’ TV Moments

Tonight is the night, ladies and gentleman! The end is happening in real-time, as five seasons of Breaking Bad all comes down to this one episode.

We all sit in front of our boob tubes anxiously awaiting to see how Vince Gilligan’s captivating story comes to an end. While it will be heartbreaking to see our favorite school teacher turned meth kingpin go the way of the Dodo, it is pretty fun to look back on the most memorable moments that cemented its history as one of the greatest shows on TV.

Whether you joined in the middle of the ride, or jumped on in the beginning, Breaking Bad was always one step ahead of its audience while kept us all lusting for more.

During those commercial breaks be sure to scroll through our look at the 5 Most Memorable Breaking Bad TV Moments and share along in the memories with us!

WARNING: Spoilers included.