VIBE TV: Casey Veggies, LA Riots and Lea Luna Talk LA Music Scene

Last month, VIBE held a private event at Sonos Studio in Los Angeles. On the bill were up-and-coming rapper Casey Veggies, and DJs Lea Luna and LA Riots. We chatted with them before the show about the music scene in Los Angeles at the moment.

“It feels great, just to be apart of it, just to have my name involved in the circle,” says Casey Veggies. “When people talk about the new artists coming on the West people decide to say my name. I just make the best music I can make. And it feels good just to be over here.”

“I feel like it’s all merging right now,” says Daniel Linton aka LA Riots of the current dance music scene. “Like with trap and dubstep and everything, it’s all… I mean I play pretty much across the board nowadays. LA is really good. We can go out any night of the week and hear any kind of music. So it’s at a good place.”